Trump visit would fire up anti-Brexit movement. Bring it on!

by Hugo Dixon | 01.12.2017

Brits are rightly furious about the US president’s planned visit to the UK next year. But if Donald Trump has the guts to come, it could actually be a fantastic own goal – galvanising opposition to both bigotry and Brexit.

Theresa May should never have offered the sexist Islamophobic president a state visit hosted by the Queen with the full red carpet treatment. Although that idea has been pushed off to never never land, Trump is still expected to make a “working” visit early next year, perhaps in February.

Many people will be understandably outraged by even a scaled-down trip after the president retweeted anti-Muslim messages from a far-right Brit and then told our prime minister to mind her own business when she said it was wrong.

But think what will happen if he actually comes. Millions could take to the streets – horrified that May is still sucking up to Trump. A visit would unify the country in fighting racism and sexism.

It would also shine a giant light on how the Brexiters’ geopolitical vision – based on the fantasy that we’ll stride the world hand in hand with America after burning our bridges with Europe – is bust. It will provide a perfect platform for pro-Europeans to explain why quitting the EU, where we have huge influence, is a terrible mistake and to argue that it’s not too late to change our minds.

Trump’s pals in the UK – led by the Brexit extremists Nigel Farage and Michael Gove – should be getting nervous about the visit. Pro-Europeans should be more relaxed. Bring it on.

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Edited by Luke Lythgoe

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2 Responses to “Trump visit would fire up anti-Brexit movement. Bring it on!”

  • British influence WAS huge in Europe. I would not bank on it that that is still the same even if Brexit is called off.

  • Without a doubt, the left will do what they do best if he comes. Anarchy and violence and we will then remember why we made the right decision of voting to leave.