Fox loses his scents

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 21.07.2017

Trade minister says UK-EU deal should be the “easiest in human history”, but neglects problem of regulation.


A currency lesson in soft power

by Stewart Fleming | 26.06.2017

The European Central Bank has trained a regulatory Exocet missile at the City’s euro-denominated trading

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Stubbornness is not strength

by David Hannay | 15.06.2017

The UK starts the Brexit negotiations with inflexible positions and red lines which risk being a source of weakness and lack generosity.

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10 reasons not to fall back on WTO

by Roderick Abbott | 06.06.2017

Brexiters breezily envisage falling back on WTO rules if trade talks with EU fail. This is a dangerous fallacy. UK would pay a heavy price.