Sinn Fein big winner from Brexit

by Bruce Clark | 06.03.2017

Irish nationalist party is making huge political capital out of Brexit, which DUP backed but most voters in Northern Ireland rejected.

5 Brexit upshots this week

by Charlie Mitchell | 21.10.2016

As cabinet quarrels persist over the economy and immigration, public opinion swerved away from a hard Brexit in a mixed week for the economy.


Brexit border return unites Irish in foreboding

by Bruce Clark | 17.10.2016

Businesses fear tariffs could choke inter-Irish trade, while border controls to keep out migrants from the EU could undo decades of north-south security cooperation.

What’s the point?

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 13.07.2016

A points-based immigration system would require multiple changes to UK policy. Some might be economically and socially disruptive.


Six awkward questions for Brexiteers

by Hugo Dixon | 10.05.2016

Boris Johnson has posed 5 tricky questions to David Cameron. The Leave camp has even trickier ones to answer. Here are some of them.