8 more u-turns from flip-flop queen

by Hugo Dixon | 23.09.2017

May made string of climb-downs in her Florence speech. It’s good she’s bowing to reality but in process she’s destroying case for Brexit.

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Stubbornness is not strength

by David Hannay | 15.06.2017

The UK starts the Brexit negotiations with inflexible positions and red lines which risk being a source of weakness and lack generosity.

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The end of the beginning

by David Hannay | 31.03.2017

Much needs to be agreed before Brexit talks begin in earnest, hindered by a climate in which any comment can cause unhelpful distractions.


PM must deny security is bargaining chip

by Hugo Dixon | 30.03.2017

May’s letter contained language which has been interpreted as blackmail. She should clarify she doesn’t intend to do anything so foolish.