Lead Europe, don’t leave Europe

by InFacts | 15.06.2016

If we stay in the EU, we can lead it.

We are Europe’s second largest economy and on track to become the biggest. We can create good jobs for the next generation. Digital jobs. High-tech manufacturing jobs. Jobs in financial services and the creative industries.

We have Europe’s best intelligence agencies which can lead the fight against terrorism, making all Europe safer. We can stand up to Putin.

We can secure our energy supplies and fight climate change.

But these problems cross borders – and we can solve them better working closely with our neighbours and allies.

Don’t leave Europe. Lead Europe.

Lead Europe, don't leave Europe

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One Response to “Lead Europe, don’t leave Europe”

  • Once more a passioned speech dear friend, once more,
    The polls are close, our cause yet far from dead.
    In peacetime, silence can define a man,
    With skill and vision in his daily task.
    But when a Nation needs to hear your voice,
    Then roar, roar with the fierceness of the beast.
    When arguments so clearly hold a lie,
    You rage, rage at the dying of the truth.
    See clearly through the swirling mists of myths,
    Whose nonsense penned by journalistic spite.
    Wraith like headlines drip poison in the ear
    Daily, Murdoch’s typography of fear.
    I see you stand alert to all his tricks
    Ready for the off – the games afoot
    Follow your heart, and upon this vote
    Cry for Remain, England and Saint George.