EU migrants benefit Britain

by InFacts | 18.06.2016

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove say free movement is bad for the NHS, schools, jobs and housing.

What they don’t say is that EU migrants are creating wealth that can be used to cut hospital waiting times and pay for more teachers. This wealth makes our economy more dynamic, creating more jobs for everybody.

Boris and Gove also don’t tell you that quitting the EU might cause a recession. This would create a black hole in the public finances, causing wages to fall and unemployment to rise, and making it impossible for those without jobs to get on the housing ladder.

The wealth that free movement creates doesn’t always reach the communities where it is needed. But that’s the government’s failure, not the EU’s.

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One Response to “EU migrants benefit Britain”

  • Boris Johnson says free movement is bad for the NHS, schools, jobs and housing. I’m sure he can go on for Boris is good at making stuff up.

    I remember him from my EU press corps days. A mop-top, crumpled Brit mumbling nonsense in an over-the-top Etonian accent. Who knew they still existed? His Britain-isolated-again reports for The Daily Telegraph were shoddy journalism, fed _ we now know for a fact _ by a flawed view of European history.

    It is scary that Johnson may take Britain out of the EU, aided by Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party who failed 7 times (!) in the 1994-2014 period to win in a British election.

    Robert Wielaard – Heverlee, Belgium