Grayling conjures myth that EU will set rules for NHS

by Jack Schickler | 31.05.2016

In a speech today, Cabinet minister Chris Grayling says that the EU has new proposals for a “pillar of social rights”, as part of plans to shore up the eurozone. “When there are new EU rules on pensions, skills and health”, Grayling states, “they will apply to us too. It means the EU starting to set the rules for our NHS. With no opt-out.”

In fact, the European Commission has been quite clear these proposals “will be developed within the euro area, while allowing other EU Member States to join in if they want to do so” – that is, they would not involve the UK, unless we chose to join in.

In response to questions from InFacts, Grayling wrote in an email that the provisions “cannot legally be applied simply to the eurozone – there is no current treaty provision to do so and none projected.”  

But new laws can still be made to apply just to the eurozone. For example, the EU’s banking union rules – introduced post-crisis to supervise and deal with failing institutions – just apply in the single currency zone, not the UK. It is clearly possible to make new rules just to apply to the eurozone, and that is what the EU has said it will do. Grayling’s fears are misplaced.

Edited by Hugo Dixon

3 Responses to “Grayling conjures myth that EU will set rules for NHS”

  • Bri: do not worry then, after brexit IDS, BoJo, Farage, Gove and Patel will protect your/ou NHS. yes, infact most of them publicly stated in the past time and time again (along with Arron Banks) that the NHS will need to be privatized.