Get out and demonstrate against Trump on Friday

by Hugo Dixon | 11.07.2018

Part of the justification for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal is new facts have emerged. One of the biggest new facts is that Donald Trump is president of America. During the referendum two years ago, we didn’t know he would be sitting in the White House. We didn’t know he would be tearing up the international order.

Trump is today arriving in Brussels for a Nato summit before heading to the UK, which he said yesterday was in “turmoil”. He added that it was “up to the people” to decide whether Theresa May should stay in power. While all this is true, it is an unwarranted interference in our internal politics. The US president said he may also squeeze in a meeting with his “friend” Boris Johnson.

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The geopolitical basis for Brexit was that the UK would stride the world arm-in-arm with America. This was always fanciful. Trump’s presidency makes it totally bankrupt for five reasons:

  • He is undermining Nato, the bedrock of our defence.
  • He is too soft on Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who is a threat to our safety.
  • We don’t share his sexist, racist views.
  • He has launched a global trade war that could damage our prosperity.
  • He is putting the planet at risk by pulling out of the Paris climate change pact.

As part of the EU, we are able to protect ourselves from Trump’s worst ravages. Quitting the EU would put us at the mercy of an erratic bully. We would be so desperate to do a trade deal with him that we might end up opening up the NHS to US health care companies, something Trump wants.

It’s bonkers to burn bridges with EU to suck up to this bigot.

There’s a big demonstration against Trump – with the message “Stop Trump, Stop Brexit” – starting outside the BBC’s London HQ on Friday. Be there and bring your friends too.

4 Responses to “Get out and demonstrate against Trump on Friday”

  • Bonkers.

    How would Brits feel if foreigners demonstrated against their PM after she had been invited to visit their country?

    Who are the screaming kids in nappies now – the ones too full of themselves to understand the meaning of European diplomacy and civility?

    Thank heaven for Macron’s France and Paris.

  • We met Americans whilst on holiday in Croatia. They felt ashamed of Trump and would definitely approve of our anti Trump demonstrations.They were particularly upset a about Trump wrecking their health care system, we must stop him wrecking the NHS.

  • The great danger is that the more we turn our backs on Europe, the more we will be forced to accept whatever trade deal suits Trump. Everything he says shows a complete disregard for the environment, human rights and so the terms of a deal with the US will be to drive down standards on food safety, pollution, waste, the list goes on. We must strive to reach a deal with Europe which matches as closely as possible European standards. Otherwise, not only will our own health and environment suffer, it will become far more difficult for our farmers to sell their produce into the European market on environmental and food safety grounds.

  • @Margot,

    If Trump followed diplomatic norms there would be a good argument for saying we should. As it is, I’m not so sure. I don’t think he listens to diplomatic language.

    Personally it wouldn’t worry me if people abroad demonstrated against Theresa May. In fact, there was a distinctly unflattering model of her in the 2017 Cologne Carnival which didn’t raise anything like the comment in this country that the Trump balloon has done.