Farage’s Top Twelve Errors

by InFacts | 10.06.2016

Nigel Farage has strayed from the facts repeatedly. Click the InFact for the lowdown on the dirtiest dozen.

Farage Fiction: “We are paying over £50 million a day in a membership fee” to the EU.
InFact: Britain’s real net contribution is £17 million a day. What’s more, if we left the EU, the economy would be damaged. So we wouldn’t even save our net contribution. We’d have less money to spend, not more.

Farage Fiction: Britain would be better off outside the single market.
InFact: British exporters would face new trade barriers and hence, not surprisingly, would export less.

Farage Fiction: The EU’s trade negotiations with the United States could undermine the National Health Service, leading it to be “privatised by the back door.”
InFact: The EU trade commission and her US counterpart have both denied this, and Boris Johnson has stated that the EU-US trade deal “will certainly not mean the privatisation of the NHS.”

Farage Fiction: “Tuberculosis is costing the National Health Service a great deal of money, and much of that is coming from southern and eastern Europe.”
InFact: Migrants strengthen the NHS.

Farage Fiction: Women could be at risk of Cologne-style mass sex attacks if Britain stays in the EU.
InFact: Migrants with criminal records will not get citizenship in Germany, so could not come to the UK.

Farage Fiction: Europe “wants Turkey to be a member within five years.”
InFact: Turkey is a long way from joining the EU, and Britain could veto its accession.

Farage Fiction: “Studies show that the impact of EU migration has made hard lives harder”
InFact: Quitting the EU would hurt, not help, the low paid.

Farage Fiction: EU rules allow “the free movement of terrorists, of criminal gangs and of Kalashnikovs.”
InFact: The UK retains the right to deny entry to foreigners who pose a security risk.

Farage Fiction: If Britain leaves the EU single market, it will have the bargaining power to cut new trade deals superior to those of Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, because “the EU needs us more than we need them.”
InFact: Britain would be more desperate for a deal than the EU would be. Our exports to the EU represent 13% of our GDP. The rest of the EU’s exports to Britain represent just 3% of its GDP.

Farage Fiction: Brexit would not affect the Irish border.
InFact: The border would have to be controlled if Brexiteers want to limit EU migration to the UK.

Farage Fiction: “What we are seeing is an increasingly authoritarian European Union that crushes democratic rights and then actually crows about it.”
InFact: The EU has flaws but it isn’t anti-democratic.

Farage Fiction: Boris Johnson was not wrong in comparing the EU to Hitler.
InFact: Hitler tried to unify Europe by murdering millions. The EU cannot be accused of that.

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This piece was updated shortly after publication to add a passage saying if we left the EU, we’d have less money to spend not more.

Edited by Sebastian Mallaby

10 Responses to “Farage’s Top Twelve Errors”

  • Maybe, the time to quit hoping they’ll change the £350million figure has come.

    why not attack it from a “either way, the government budget is £14,000 million a week, the net contribution is not even a quarter % of that. Would a 0.25% pay rise transform your finances?”

  • Farage says he is for the “working family” if so why as an MEP did he and his party UKIP, vote against increasing the European tariffs on Chinese Steel, thereby allowing it to be dumped on our market undermining the British Steel industry and being instrumental in the closure of works in Middlesbrough and Wales , destroying the lives of thousands of working families.

  • Seriously ?
    All the editor here is doing is replying to Forage’s statements with counter statements but absolutely zero logical analysis or at least some facts?

    So if Farage would say that his apple is greener you’d say that his apple is more red really…..

    Very intelligent journalism ….

  • You haven’t proven a single one of NFs comments to be untrue. This article is pure spin.

    BREXIT. All the way. #voteleave #leaveEU

  • Well this sort of journalism occurs when they don’t have facts backing up their view. What a pointless website. I feel more drawn to voting out after reading this.

  • Incredibly poor article, you haven’t fact checked him here, you’ve decided your opinion is more important than the facts and in some cases, your answer to his ‘lie’ is to change the subject entirely.

    1. £50m/day membership – That’s the gross cost of membership. The reason the gross cost is used and not the NET cost, is because the NET cost is debatable, not guaranteed, fluctuates wildly and to put it in real simply terms, if you give me a tenner and I give you a fiver back, but say you can only spend that fiver on a pack of 20 JPS Kingsize, despite the fact you don’t smoke, have you given me a fiver, or a tenner?
    2. Better Off Out – You haven’t even a addressed this and you leap to the claim that 90% of 3% of economists who replied to a biased survey have said our economy would dip if we left the EU. Actually, they’ve said our economy would dip if we started to introduce trade barriers with the EU, something the leave campaign and Nigel Farage have repeatedly said, is unlikely to happen. We are by FAR and away, the EUs LARGEST SINGLE CUSTOMER, so you tell me, does Brussels condemn the only countries the EU has doing well at the moment in their economies, to certain economic doom, by introducing tariffs and barriers? Or does it strike a deal with the country which was previously paying in billions of pounds in membership fees each year and now isn’t, so that countries money still makes it to the EU? This isn’t rocket science. To really dumb this down for you, if you’re paying £20/week to be part of the local shop owners society, but you decide it just doesn’t work for you anymore, does the local wholesaler say “Well, stuff that guy, I don’t need his business” and put up the cost of the goods you buy from him? No, of course he bloody doesn’t. He still wants you to buy his stuff!
    3. TTIP – If you’re going to argue that TTIP doesn’t put the NHS at risk, you’re a moron, end of point.
    4. TB – Actually Farage has previously talked about HIV costing the NHS a lot of money and it does. TB is much rarer, however I imagine it costs a lot of money in terms of medical treatment. Having emigrated to NZ (And then later returned to the UK), I can confirm what Farage has said, if you go to NZ, Australia, Canada, etc. not only do they make you bring your own health insurance, they make you go through a full medical, at your own expense, including blood tests and chest X-Rays, if you have TB or HIV, they might give you a work visa with the pre-condition you have your own health insurance, but you’re not getting a residents visa, allowing you access to their health system paid for by the tax payers. Again, not rocket science, not hate, not wrong, it’s fiscally responsible.
    5. Sex Attacks – The EU has a history of overruling nation states and nation states have a history of doing whatever they need to do, to solve big problems. The fact that Germany would normally require 8 years of living there, no criminal record etc. to hand out a passport, does not count, as this is far from a normal situation. If they decide the easiest way to sort out their current problem, is give the asylum seekers passports, so that they can leave Germany and travel freely within the EU, that’s what they’ll do. Also, you’ve used criminal records as your specific example as to why they won’t get citizenship in Germany, yet these people don’t have criminal records, as they weren’t caught, arrested, tried or imprisoned. They don’t have a criminal record…….
    6. Turkey – Europe does want Turkey to be a member within 5 years, they have voted to ‘speed up’ Turkeys accession to the EU and we’ve all (EU countries) suddenly started giving Turkey an awful lot of money (Billions) in order to work towards meeting it’s criteria to join. Again, this comes back to the Migrant issue at hand within the EU, if the EU believes allowing Turkey to join will help solve this problem (It currently believes exactly that), then there is really nothing stopping them from allowing Turkey to join, whenever it suits them.
    7. Low Paid – I’m not even going to grace this with an explanation, if you don’t understand supply and demand, perhaps you should just put your keyboard away and go read a few books.
    8. Security Risk – No, the UK does not have the right to refuse entry to anyone who is a security risk, there are a very strict, specific set of rules we have to follow, hence the fact we have so many EU nationals here who have criminal records in their own countries, for murder, rape, burglary, etc. etc. etc. We couldn’t stop them coming in and we can’t send them home, this is VERY well documented.
    9. Trade Deals – This goes to an earlier point, without our custom, Germanys economy, Frances economy, Spains economy, would all tank. You seriously think the EU would be less desperate for a trade deal than we would be? I suggest you look at this again, because the EU has a currency union, Germany, France and Spain are all in it, if those three economies tank again, that’s bye bye Euro, that’s massive recession across Europe again, that’s nuclear bomb……..
    10. Irish Border – The Irish Border was managed before we joined the EU, it will be managed after we leave the EU, the only additional complication, is that it would give us a land border with the EU, as opposed to a land border with Ireland (Irish nationals are allowed to vote in General Elections, because they’re not considered ‘Foreign’, they’re considered part of ‘The British Isles’. The simple fact is, we’re very likely to have freedom of movement when we first leave the EU, as this will be the quickest and easiest way to leave, securing access to the market with the least possible upheaval. The Irish Border is the absolute last of our problems.
    11. Anti-Democratic – The EU is about as anti-democratic as it gets, it ignored the referendums on the Lisbon Treaty, it ignored the Irish referendum, the Greek bailout referendum and now the Dutch referendum on Ukraine!
    12. Bojo and Hitler – Bojo is not alone in this line of thought. Hitler sought to have a United Europe, with a central govt and he wanted it based in Berlin. The EU project seeks to have a United Europe and so far, in the last few years, most of the power is found, in Berlin.

    I’d comment in more detail, but I have to get ready for work unfortunately. This article is a pretty poor attempt to discredit Farage and by the looks of the comments, doesn’t even really need someone to point out how bad it is, but looking at some of the other comments, there are just as many people that are equally as deluded as you are. We have nothing to fear from leaving the EU, as was talked about yesterday on the regular Sunday Politico shows (Marr, Andrew Neil, etc.) even the OBR and ONS have clearly said, any recession brought about by Brexit, is likely to be the shallowest recession in history, it won’t even come close to the 2008 recession and will be considerably shallower even, than the 89 recession. I’ll take a mini recession for the restoration of our freedom and our democracy thanks. Not that I think a recession is going to happen at all, as per my comments above.