Brexiters should treat Soros as hero, not villain

by Hugo Dixon | 09.02.2018

The vitriol heaped on George Soros shows how Brexiters are so worried their pet project is coming unstuck that they are prepared to attack as a villain a man they should be treating as a hero. After all, it was the hedge fund manager who helped drive the UK out of Europe’s exchange rate mechanism, the forerunner of the euro, in 1992. It then became impossible for us to join the single currency.

You could say that Soros therefore protected us from the subsequent euro crisis, with the result that we can now have our cake and eat it: we enjoy full membership of the EU’s single market but don’t have to grapple with the problems of the euro. Soros shows that it is possible to be pro-European without signing up to a European super-state, that bogeyman with which Brexiters try to frighten us.

But there’s no praise for the billionaire philanthropist in the hatchet jobs in yesterday’s Telegraph and today’s Daily Mail. Only attack, attack, attack. All because Soros’s Open Society Foundations have given around £700,000 to groups campaigning against Brexit.

Soros is a force for good. He has poured almost all his vast fortune into fighting for freedom and democracy across the world. The philanthropist is a sharp contrast to bigots such as Arron Banks, who poured millions into backing Brexit and who is being investigated by the Electoral Commission to find out whether he was even the true source of that money.

The zealots have gone on the warpath because they are worried that voters are losing faith in Brexit as they see what a mess the government is making of the whole sorry business. Have they forgotten that, in a democracy, people are free to speak their minds and change their minds? If so, they are the ones undermining democracy, not Soros.

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Edited by Luke Lythgoe

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One Response to “Brexiters should treat Soros as hero, not villain”

  • “. All because Soros’s Open Society Foundations have given around £700,000 to groups campaigning against Brexit.

    Soros is a force for good.”

    Jeez. This myopia is as nuts as that of ANY Brexiteer.

    A force for good?

    Even when, as a billionaire, he cost the British taxpayers billions of pounds to line his own pocket?

    Please explain how that was positive…