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Hugo Dixon is a campaigner, journalist and entrepreneur. He was active in the campaign to stop Brexit, as Chair of InFacts and Deputy Chair of the People's Vote campaign. He also co-founded CommonGround. He founded Breakingviews in 1999, which he chaired until it was sold to Thomson Reuters in 2009. He writes columns for The Independent, The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, Politico and other publications. He is author of The In/Out Question: Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better, and The Penguin Guide to Finance.


Vote Leave shows ugly face in TV rumpus

by Hugo Dixon | 12.05.2016

The group’s a bully to threaten ITV with “consequences” over Cameron/Farage programme. But PM is too anxious to avoid “blue on blue” clashes.


Six awkward questions for Brexiteers

by Hugo Dixon | 10.05.2016

Boris Johnson has posed 5 tricky questions to David Cameron. The Leave camp has even trickier ones to answer. Here are some of them.