150 days to Brexit – what must happen for a People’s Vote?

by Luke Lythgoe | 30.10.2018

Today is 150 days until the Article 50 negotiating period expires on March 29 2019 and the UK is scheduled to leave the EU.

That’s five months to secure a People’s Vote on Brexit – and probably much less than that, because some of the big Brexit decisions will, in theory at least, be made long before our scheduled departure date.

What needs to happen before we get a People’s Vote?

The government may get a deal with the EU

This could happen at a scheduled EU Council summit with the other 27 EU countries on December 13-14. Or there could be an earlier unscheduled summit in November (now looking unlikely) or an emergency one in the new year.

MPs will be asked to approve the deal

MPs will first have a “meaningful vote” on the deal, and then have to pass legislation – the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill – bringing the deal into domestic law. MPs should reject the deal. In the ensuing deadlock, a People’s Vote could look like a very sensible way forward.


The government doesn’t get a deal with the EU

If no deal has been reached by January 21, the government must make a statement within five days setting out how it plans to go forward. MPs must then consider these plans. If they don’t like them, then again a People’s Vote looks sensible.

Demand a vote on the Brexit deal

Click here to find out more


We will need extra time

Even if we moved very fast, preparations for a People’s Vote – passing legislation, testing the question, campaigning – would take us beyond March 29. To avoid crashing out we would need an extension of the Article 50 deadline from the other 27 EU countries. Lots of EU leaders have suggested they would be willing to do this in the circumstances of a new public vote.

What can you do to get a People’s Vote?

What MPs do in the next 150 days is incredibly important. That’s why the best thing most people can do right now is get in touch with them and show how strongly they feel about giving voters the final say on Brexit.

Opinion polls and the fantastic People’s Vote March on October 20 have shown there’s a lot of public support for a People’s Vote. But MPs are even more likely to respond to lots of personal stories from their constituents.

Contacting your MP is really easy with this handy online tool – just click here.

Write to your MP to
demand a People's Vote


You should also ask your family and friends to contact their MP. If they’ve totally switched off from the Brexit debate, explain why you feel so strongly about a People’s Vote. Arm yourself with strong arguments, which you can find on InFacts or in the People’s Vote Morning Briefing. But don’t lecture!

If you can, you can donate either your time or money to the campaign – we’ll need lots in the weeks ahead. Find out about local activities on the People’s Vote events page. Or you can donate.

This campaign has achieved incredible things since it launched in April. Throughout history, change has seemed impossible until it happens. With hard work, we can get a People’s Vote and we can win it!

Edited by Hugo Dixon

2 Responses to “150 days to Brexit – what must happen for a People’s Vote?”

  • Perhaps for many remainers they believe that the time is up, and Brexit will happen. I don’t believe this for one minute. Here’s the reason why.
    Despite the dreadful leadership of UK politics, and with it the totally unhinged, empty-headed dialogue, cringingly endured in parliament and in much of the comic-based press, the big weapon has yet to be launched. Yep! This weapon is called the financial markets.
    Without being partisan to leavers or remainers, the market traders sole interest is to look after the money they invest. Logically, if they believe that the UK is going to go through a financial meltdown, they’ll tell us by virtue of their buying and selling actions. We’ll start to see this once the political stalemate looks like it will endure. Basically the pound sterling will start to spin quickly out of control. The result: political panic and reality will set in. Within a matter of days during which time the financial turmoil looks like becoming a monster out of governmental control, the PM will travel to Brussels and simply admit that afterall Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit anymore. The outcome? She saves the day, by withdrawing Article 50, and the UK just carries on as normal. John Crace’s Maybot will suddenly become an overnight sensation. She’ll be given new batteries, and the potplants will jubilantly wave their EU flags once again!
    Roll on the markets!

  • I haven’t given up either. I said the morning after the Referendum that “it will never happen!”. I’m not so sure now, but keep plugging on. As for the financial markets….those guys make money whether things go up or down…sod the rest of us. No change there. I don’t believe a final Brexit deal….whatever it is…..will be instantly disastrous, but instead of the UK falling behind the rest of the World in most metrics by a steady 1% a year, it will fall behind by 2% or 3% a year. Rich old people won’t notice or care, and will die before it finally catches up with them what a mistake it all was! Since I was in the US in the sixties the Pound has halved against the Dollar….does anyone seem to care about this? No. When I mention this to Leavers they look at me as if I’m a traitor for even mentioning it. Oh well…….