What’s the plan?

by Hugo Dixon | 06.12.2016

Theresa May must produce Green Paper setting out Brexit plan two months before triggering Article 50 so public and MPs can debate it fully.


Brexit means tyranny of the majority

by Michael Emerson | 15.11.2016

UK doesn’t require approval by devolved assemblies such as Scotland or a supermajority of voters. It’s time to consider how to abort Brexit.


May’s support for openness is welcome

by Bill Emmott | 14.11.2016

After recent assertions that we can do deals with isolationist Donald Trump, PM’s speech tonight at Lord Mayor’s banquet is to be applauded.


A pale and unconvincing story

by David Hannay | 08.11.2016

Theresa May should take a leaf out of her own book and bring her negotiating strategy to parliament before triggering EU's divorce clause.


Now we need a Green Paper, Theresa May

by Hugo Dixon | 03.11.2016

It’s good PM will need MPs’ approval before triggering Article 50. But for vote to be informed, May must now reveal her Brexit plan.


What did Theresa May promise Nissan?

by Michael Emerson | 30.10.2016

It’s hard to see what PM gave that didn’t involve a policy switch without telling MPs or a sweet-heart deal that would breach trade rules.