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Bolton demonstrates importance of EU ties

by David Hannay | 03.07.2018

Trump's National Security Adviser was in London to chat with the hard Brexit backing ERG. If the US is attempting to undermine the EU, our interests lie with the continent


May crosses more Brexiter red lines

by Hugo Dixon | 10.10.2017

Rees-Mogg’s main red line has gone, two of Johnson’s in doubt. How long before hardliners explode and public realise they were sold a pup?

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Transition to what?

by David Hannay | 24.07.2017

During the summer break, the government needs to think harder about the ultimate destination towards which Britain is being taken – slowly or otherwise.

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Business must start campaigning on Brexit

by Denis MacShane | 07.07.2017

Supping with ministers in the grandeur of Chevening is all very well, but business bosses need to roll up their sleeves and spell out how destructive a hard Brexit would b