Stop Theresa May’s landslide and fight destructive Brexit

by InFacts | 25.05.2017

Theresa May says everybody should rally round her so she has a strong hand to negotiate Brexit.

What she’s actually asking for is a landslide so she can ram through Brexit at any cost – even if it means driving the economy over a cliff.

She’s picking a fight with Europe, because she thinks that’ll win her votes and we’ll all join her in sticking two fingers up to Brussels.

How should you vote?

Such aggressive talk alienates our partners and makes it more likely we’ll crash out of Europe with no deal.

That would be bonkers.

Don’t give Theresa May a blank cheque to wreck our future.

Vote for the most pro-European candidate in your constituency on June 8.

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    8 Responses to “Stop Theresa May’s landslide and fight destructive Brexit”

    • What a load of rubbish ……. the UK voted to LEAVE the EU, LEAVE the COMMON MARKET and LEAVE the EUROPEAN COURTS. Get over it

      • No Norman, I will not ‘ get over’ something I see as seriously flawed, i know Europe could improve and change in ways, other countries have the same issues we have and changing something internally is easier than being outside a body. But it been easy to blame Europe, when many of our local issues are Westminster controlled, and general lack of vision by our current government, including the limiting 2 party, first past post system, which lacks balance and has no community input, according to real local needs
        I have ‘now’ graciously accept brexit, but not hard brexit. or brexit at any cost. Want to stay in the single market, ( the leave campaign did not clearly or even unclearly come clean on absolute withdrawal from the single market) to keep jobs, trade, food prices down, holidays reasonable , simply from a quality of life viewpoint. I have concerns locally over skill gaps, brain drain and as an intelligent woman am entitled to have. Do not tell me to get over it! May I suggest you read more and educate yourself more and use constructive arguments.

    • A lied to UK voted to leave. There isn’t a sound economic or security based argument for leaving that stands any scrutiny. There are winners though. I gather there are many billionaires who have done very well from the collapse of the pound after the Brexit vote. Not so many of the just about managing though.

      • The UK did not vote leave. Parts of the UK (England and Wales) did. Parts of the UK (Scotland and Ireland) voted remain. I wish people could differentiate between the UK and its four separate countries.

    • “The UK did NOT vote to leave the EU. Only 37.5% of the electorate voted to leave.
      Only 17 million of the adult population voted to leave.
      Neither of these figures gives a majority of the population voting to leave.
      It’s simple arithmetic.
      We are being taken out of the EU on the basis of lies, one of which is your statement, beloved of Brexiteers, that the UK people voted to leave, when in fact the leave vote represented a minority of the adult population and therefore a minority of the total population.
      The referendum was advisory in nature, and was sold to MPs as advisory when they voted for the EU Referendum Bill in December 2015.
      David Cameron was foolhardy when he changed that to a first past the post decision to be adhered to.
      Theresa May compounds his foolhardiness by her missionary zeal in taking us out of the EU at all costs.
      No one has yet given us the costings for this exercise, literal costings and costs to our country in the future.
      And no one has persuaded me of the justice of Theresa May’s attitude and actions.
      I suspect they cannot.

    • For the real cost of the UK exiting the EU, consult the latest newsletter from the Federal Trust which includes a detailed analysis, economic sector by economic sector, of what would be the result of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. The results of the analysis are not good for the UK. It also includes a report on the implications for the City of London of Brexit; the conclusions are not only bad but frightening. These conclusions are those of persons having the closest possible knowledge of the workings of the City and the relationship with the EU. The UK government, if it ignores these findings does so not only at its own peril but puts the whole UK economy at risk. This is not a repetition of ” Project Fear ” but the views of professionals intimately bound up with the work of the City who recognize that the lack of scrutiny in financial transactions pursued by the wealthy Brexiteers is not in the interests ultimately either of the City or the country

    • What really has motivated Theresa May to seek this Election is because she realises the present House of Commons , as well as the Lords, haven’t given up fighting to salvage what they can from the Brexit debacle. Obviously, the fresh crop of Tory candidates are even more programmed to support her, so she’s hoping for an easier ride at Westminster. In Brussels I don’t think it would make any difference how many seats she has. Merkel, Macron or the Commission are not going to suddenly alter their well established priority of maintaining the integrity of the Single Market, and not allowing it to be cherry picked away. It’s up to us though, to keep up the pressure here in the UK, with as a start, voting in as many pro Europe MP’s as possible.

    • It was not only Scots who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, it was the vast majority of the UK. Those who voted to leave, were fed on a diet of lies. Remember Boris who promised sum of money £350 million to the NHS. That disappeared into thin air. Just listen to Mrs May and her u turns. She is not strong, she is out for herself. She has even stated that she would be willing to use a first strike with nuclear weapons, doubtless with her friend President Trump.
      It seems to me that every number of years the Conservatives raise their heads and people forget, they forget the bitter taste that remains when conservatives get into power. God help the poor, the sick and the old. Mrs May wants to bring back means testing, she wants to bring back grammar schools and as one of the “victims” of the 11 plus i remember how wicked it was. Mrs May wants us to vote for her without knowing in full what her plans are.
      We must vote to deny the conservatives the large majority they think they will win.
      In Scotland we can vote SNP but this time i believe we need to vote for Labour to deny them their wish. Mr Corbyn has gone back to old socialist values. Regarding terrorism my daughter and son in law were caught up in the Paris terrorist attack. Mr Corbyn is correct that the causes of terrorism do involve past conflicts ie Afghanistan etc. I feel sad about much of this as the majority of Scots, do not want the renewal of Trident. We do not want wars it’s best to talk before going to war.