Stewart Fleming

Stewart Fleming is a journalist. He worked as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times in Washington, where he was US Editor, New York and Frankfurt, and wrote for The Economist Group's European Voice in Brussels. He is a Senior Member of St Antony's College, Oxford.


May loses control of the message to voters

by Stewart Fleming | 06.12.2016

Brexiters had a simple narrative on the stump. But the government’s story is fragmenting as it collides with the reality of leaving the EU.


Brexit is the ghost at Hammond’s feast

by Stewart Fleming | 22.11.2016

Rising inflation, slowing growth, falling real wages and an "eye-wateringly large" debt are a political as well as economic problem.


City right to be alarmed by hard Brexit

by Stewart Fleming | 06.10.2016

Disorderly exit will damage UK’s top money spinner and threaten financial stability. But it will be hard to sell alternatives to Brexiters.