Rachel Franklin

Rachel is Chief of Staff at InFacts. She has previously worked in EU affairs and international relations for a number of leading think tanks and advocacy organisations both in Westminster and Brussels.

Farage’s catalogue of errors

by Rachel Franklin | 07.06.2016

Farage has strayed far from the facts during the referendum debate. But just how far? Our Blusterometer investigates.


The conservative case to stay in the EU

by Apostolos Doxiadis | 30.05.2016

Brexit is like deciding to leave your spouse to marry another, whom you know nothing about. A real conservative wouldn’t make such a choice.

11 reasons young should vote for Remain

by Rachel Franklin | 18.05.2016

Polls show younger voters tend to favour Remain. We take a look at the opportunities open to future generations by being a leading EU member.

50 days to bust 50 myths

by Rachel Franklin | 04.05.2016

Untruths being propagated by the Leave camp are mushrooming as polling day approaches.

Only 100 days to kill EU myths

by Rachel Franklin | 15.03.2016

Here are 19 errors spread by the Leave camp (there are many more) that should be nailed before polling day.