Rachel Franklin

Rachel is Chief of Staff at InFacts. She has previously worked in EU affairs and international relations for a number of leading think tanks and advocacy organisations both in Westminster and Brussels.


UK doesn’t need a migrant impact fund

by Michael Romberg | 31.01.2017

Calls for one validate mistaken belief that migrants are to blame for problems in public services. What we need is to show how they assimilate.


Stigmatising migration is not the solution

by Rachel Franklin | 05.10.2016

The message from the Tory conference is clear: we get it on migration. But that doesn’t make the government’s policy ideas workable or acceptable.


6 things Brexit brought us this week

by Rachel Franklin | 02.09.2016

The post-referendum rollercoaster ventures on. Amid all the ups and downs, one of the few things that remains clear is uncertainty.