Paul Taylor


Sun goes ballistic over satellites

by Paul Taylor | 28.03.2018

Furore over UK’s possible exclusion from Galileo post Brexit shows how much business stands to lose. It’s also metaphor for Brexit overall.


Nationalism is the enemy of the people

by Paul Taylor | 19.10.2017

It fuels jingoism, racism and war, whereas what we need is to work with others. That’s why EU was set up. More’s the pity we’re quitting.


Brexit is least of Macron’s concerns

by Paul Taylor | 08.05.2017

France's young, pro-European president will focus more on rebuilding France and the EU than on a tailor-made Brexit deal for Britain.


5 Brexit lessons from French election

by Paul Taylor | 24.04.2017

Takeaways include: Macron will seek to eat City’s lunch, he’s not that focused on strong links with UK, pro-Europeans can win elections.