Bill Emmott

A writer and campaigner best known for his period as editor-in-chief of The Economist (1993-2006). A director of InFacts, he is chairman and co-founder of The Wake Up Foundation, a charity dedicated to public education about the decline of western societies, especially Europe, using film, text and data. He is a visiting fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford, a trustee of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and an advisor to Swiss Re. His new book, The Fate of the West -- the Battle to Save the World's Most Successful Political Idea, will be published by Profile Books in April.


Brexit Britain and the West

by Bill Emmott | 27.06.2017

Defence secretary’s welcome words in support of the West must be placed alongside his government’s real actions and Thatcher’s real words.


Vote Brexit, get Venezuela

by Bill Emmott | 19.06.2017

Eurosceptic economist Roger Bootle inadvertently makes a powerful case against a hard Brexit.


A Japan-UK alliance for open trade?

by Bill Emmott | 16.12.2016

The Japan-EU talks on a EPA/FTA offer a great opportunity for the UK and Japan to promote open trade and clarify Brexit